Lake Aldwell
Olympic Peninsula Paddlers
December 20, 2008
Getting Started - It was 15 degrees Fahrenheit
Jackie, last one in, sliding into the water. There were eight people.
There was ice at the beginning. We felt like
ice breakers breaking through the ice. It
was weird when the paddles only hit the
hard surface making us a little uneasy that
we might tip.

The group only made it to the neck at the
middle where the lake turned into a solid
sheet of ice. Bruce broke a trail through. I
started to follow and then realized I could
not paddle.  I could not stop because I
could not back paddle. Eventually I came to
a slow halt and gingerly back paddled.

Gorgeous day. Great breakfast afterwards
at the Corner House Cafe.
There were over 30 swans on the lake this morning. I did not get
close enough for a good picture, but Deb Volturno took this terrific
shot on the left yesterday.