The Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta 2019

October 5 to 13

with Jackie and Elston Hill
Jackie and I attended all but two mornings of the Fiesta. We skipped a Wednesday as high winds were predicted so that no balloons went up that day. We also went to one evening
event. Evening events do not have ascensions but they do feature glowing balloons on the ground. The first morning, only the Dawn Patrol balloons went up as there was fog in the
area. Being able to see the ground is vital for balloonists! Below are pictures from the event in (mostly) chronological order.
Some balloonists lit up their flames at the end of the singing of the National Anthem.
The Dawn Patrol was a group of about six to eight elite balloonists who went up just before sunrise to test the
winds. Also, small balloons were released even earlier to test wind direction.
A balloon
with flag
would go
up at
sunrise as
was sung.
The "striped shirts" would direct balloons at take off and insure that spectators got out of the way as the balloon lifted off.
And finally, a few pictures in the
Albuquerque area.
The remaining pictures taken from the plane with my iPhone. First picture is Mount Rainier when we departed Seattle.
Mount Rainier coming home with Mount Saint Helen in the background.