Aboriginal Day
Solstice in Inuvik
We began Aboriginal
Day, Solstice, with a
pancake breakfast with
the local indigenous
people. People were very
The parade began at
11:00 a.m. It consisted
primarily of the local
police and fire vehicles
including the
Canadian Mounted
The two Canadian
Mounted Police
were two ladies, one
a local woman and
the other from
Ontario. This dress
uniform is primarily
used for ceremonial
occasions these

Following the
parade, the rest of
the day's activities
were in the park.
A band played and
there was dancing.

Big black tea kettles
cooked all day with
Labrador tea. A free
lunch of hamburger,
hot dogs, and
barbecued white fish
was served.
One sees some evidence of alcoholism
in this area of Canada (below and
bottom of page) although everyone
was sober at the festivities. Smoking is
quite common.