Adams River
British Columbia
These are pictures from our trip in October of 2002 to the Adams River. This is the largest salmon run in North America outside of
Alaska. Some 3.5 million salmon came up 500 kilometers to spawn in the 12 kilometer long Adams River. The salmon do not get
this special green and red color until after they begin their journey up the fresh water of the Frazier River which flows into the
ocean at Vancouver.  The fish chose their mates as they swim up the river to spawn. After they spawn, the fish die.
Coming up to the Adams river, the fish swim through incredible rapids and several lakes. These fish are in the lake at the mouth of
the Adams river where they are ready to make the last leg of the trip.
These fish are gathered at the base of a rapid taking a rest before the next struggle up the river. The fish do not eat anything
once they start their journey up the river.