Baby Adelie
Adelie Penguins construct their nests with stones. Since they do not have the time pressure of the melting ice, their
cycle of breeding is later than the Emperor penguins. Below you can see one parent in the middle bottom of the picture
positioning the egg. All of the penguins lying down have either an egg or two or a chick or two in their stone nest.
Just like the Emperor penguin, one Adelie parent stays with the egg or chick while the other goes
fishing. The returning parent will cry out for its mate and when it finds its mate, the two will indulge in
a couple minutes of singing at their reunion (below).
The collection of stones for the nest never ends. Moreover, Adelie's are not above stealing a stone
from a neighbors nest.
A common enemy of both the Emperor
and Adelie penguin is the Skua (left).
These birds are always looking for a
penguin egg or penguin chick for lunch.
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