Our Trip to East Africa
Rwanda, Tanzania, and Kenya
May/June 2005
with Elston and Jackline Hill
Probably the most impressive thing about East Africa was
the sheer quantity of animal life. Everywhere we went we saw
herds of exotic animals. And that was the ones we saw. One
day we drove up and down a road four times. "Good Luck"
had seen lion tracks. Eventually he found the lions, five feet
from the road hidden in the brush looking at us. In addition
to the animals, the birds were spectacular and incredibly
Our trip to Africa was arranged by Marina Fitzgerald at www.Go2Africa.com.

We initially contacted a highly recommended company in Florida. We told them what
Jackie wanted to do, but they kept proposing things that were not what she requested
and the trips were very pricey. Marina got it right the first time. She arranged us our
own private guide for most of the trip. The trip far exceeded our expectations and the
trip was reasonable for Africa which is not a cheap place to visit. Go2Africa is based in
Cape Town and can arrange safaris to any African country. I checked references for
the company on Frommers and found they are very reputable. We corresponded with
Marina strictly by e-mail.

If you only plan to do Tanzania, you might check out Jacob with www.tropicaltrails.com.
His e-mail address is jacoblose@yahoo.com. We observed him guiding a couple from
New York who were on their honeymoon. He was in a class way above the average
guide with excellent English and very attentive to his clients.
After our trip to Rwanda, we returned to Nairobi and then flew
down to Kilimanjaro where we were met by our guide for two
weeks--"Good Luck". It was just the two of us and Good Luck
in a nine person, four row, three roof openings, Landrover.
Good Luck did a fabulous job of locating animal life as you
will see in the subsequent pages.