Our trip to Denali, Kodiak, Raspberry
Island and the Brown Bears of Katmai
National Park
The trip began with a visit to Denali where we were blessed with a perfect view of the mountain.
After Denali, we spent two days on Kodiak Island where we visited the largest Coast Guard station
in the US courtesy of Sam Loska.
From Kodiak Island, we took a boat to Raspberry Island where we stayed at Raspberry Island
Remote Camps. There we were thrilled with the sight of sea otters, foxes, and amazing sea life.
Katmai National Park has more grizzly bears per mile than any other place in the world! There we
were privileged to spend 24 hours walking among these brown bears watching their behaviour. It
was an awesome experience we will not soon forget.
I can not say enough good things about Raspberry Island Remote Camp. Lee Robbins and his staff including his manager Kim
did everything possible to make our stay as enjoyable as possible. The food was good, particularly the fresh halibut. Naturally,
in a setting this where they generate their own electricity and pipe in their water from streams, it is not the same as a five star
hotel. But for us, it was luxury in the wilderness. If you are interested in staying at Raspberry Island, click on this link.
Raspberry Island
Finally, I wish to thank Doris Monte for all her hard efforts in arranging the trip from the hotel in Anchorage, to the lodging and
bus tour in Denali, the cabin in Kodiak, and most of all the stay at Raspberry Island Remote Camp.