Journey up the Alaska Highway
The Alaska Highway, which begins at Dawson Creek, was built during World War II for the purpose of defending North
America against Japanese attacks.

For this trip, our journey to the Yukon commenced in Montana where we drove north through Calgary and Banff and then up
the Icefields Parkway where we stayed three nights in Jasper. The most famous glaciers that once reached down to the
Icefield Parkway have melted so much that they look rather pathetic. However, there were great views of glaciers on the
mountain tops.
Some of the other scenery on the Icefield Parkway.
Elk are abundant in Jasper.
Baby elk have spots just like deer fawns.
Female stone sheep.
Mule deer fawn.
Eventually we made it to Dawson Creek and then on up the Alaska HIghway where a moose and her baby grazed along the
Alaska Highway.
A few miles south of Muncho Lake, we encountered a number of Stone Sheep which are attracted to the salt used on the
highways in winter.
We also saw several caribou around Muncho Lake.
North of Muncho Lake we found a grizzly with three cubs grazing along the highway. Mama paid us no mind, but the cubs
were neverous and climbed some trees and eventually disappeared into woods with a reluctant mama following behind.
Further north from Muncho Lake we met a herd of bison that continued for several miles along the highway.