Alaska Highway Continued
Three years ago we met Mary Reddoch on our trip up the ice road. She and her husband Allon were kind enough to
invite us to stay with them in Whitehorse on our way up the Alaska Highway.

Whitehorse is the caiptal of the Yukon and a very pleasant place to be in summer.
Swans have made a significant comeback in the Arctic and we saw a number of swans as we drove north from
This female moose grazed at a pond not too far from Beaver Creek in the Yukon.
We stayed at a motel in Beaver Creek that night. Since we did not have far to drive the next day, we got up early before
breakfast and drove south where we found a mother grizzly and her twins walking along the road.
At breakfast, we downloaded our pictures. The motel was owned by Holland America and was staffed by young Canadians,
mostly from eastern Canada. To our surprise they gathered around our laptop and exclaimed. Some of them had worked only
a few miles from where we saw these bears and had seen no bears their whole summer working at the motel.
As we cross the border into Alaska, a dragon fly lands on Jackie.
Arriving in Alaska, we hiked a couple miles to this very pretty lake.
That night, we stayed in Tok, Alaska, a small town a little north of the Yukon on the Alaska Highway. We were an easy day's
drive from either Anchorage or Fairbanks, but that was not our destination. Instead, we headed back south a few miles to drive
the Top of the World Highway to Dawson in the Yukon. The first glimmer of sunlight hit the Alaska Range as we headed out.