Winter 2017 -- Wyoming and Alberta

with Jackie and Elston Hill
This was a four week driving trip leaving Seattle on January 21 driving through Oregon and Idaho on our way to Jackson,
Wyoming and the Grand Tetons. After a few days in Jackson we proceeded to Banff, Alberta and then to Jasper and

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Some tips on making this trip.

Snow tires are essential. This is our third trip to this area in winter driving on ice and snow and our Subaru has never slipped.
On this trip we drove 5,000 miles, mostly ice and snow.  Keep in mind that All Season tires are NOT snow tires.

If you stay in the Banff area, I highly recommend the Bow Valley Motel for price and friendliness.

It was nice traveling in winter and not having to book accommodations ahead of time. When we entered a city, we checked
prices on Trip Advisor.on our phone application or other application. Sometimes we would walk in and ask them to match the
price on our phone. At one Holiday Inn the clerk said he could not match, so I went over to the lobby to book a room on my
phone. At that point, the manager told him to give us whatever rate we had on the phone. Sometimes we would book the hotel
a few minutes from the hotel and by the time we arrived they had all the paperwork ready.