The Trip Begins in Jackson, WY

Winter 2017
We left Burien on Tuesday, January 21. Because of the significant snow in the Cascades, we drove through the Columbia Gorge and stopped
to take a look at some of the waterfalls.
Our first night we stayed in Baker City, Oregon. Below, a picture of the Geiser Grand Hotel.
The waitress at the restaurant said that Baker City had more snow this winter than in any of the thirty years she had lived there.
Our second day we drove through Idaho.
That evening we stayed in Idaho Falls by the river.
We arrived in Jackson, Wyoming the morning of the third day. There was lots of snow. And it was very cold.
There are thousands of Elk at the reserve in Jackson.
The best surprise was our moose encounters.
The moose encounters occurred with a full view of the Grand Tetons.
A great horned owl  on a utility pole next to the reserve.
Also lots of mountain sheep in the reserve.
The best adventure was a Great Gray Owl encounter thanks to photographer Bill Lea who told us where the bird was located.
Suddenly the owl dove into the snow in pursuit of a rodent.
Baby (left) and mama
We were so successful in Jackson that we decided to move on after four nights since al snow storm was moving in. We planned to stop in
Butte, Montana, but the prediction was for substantial snow there so we made it on to Great Falls Montana, the location where Louis and
Clarke spent several weeks portaging the falls.
One of the four falls  in Great Falls with a dam now built above it.
We only planned to spend one night in Great Falls, but the snow was substantial that night so that we spent an extra day visiting the area
along the Missouri where Louise and Clark made the portage. The museum there owned and operated by the National Forest service is a first
rate museum about Louis and Clark.