Our first Arctic Trip
Late August to early September, 2003
This two week trip began in Fort Smith, Northwest Territories. The canoes were left at our starting place by the previous group. On
our return flight, our canoes were strapped to the pontoons of the aircraft as our was the last trip of the season.
According to our guide, Alex Hall, it had not rained all summer on his trips, but our first day we were treated with at least a couple or
three inches of rain. That was at least a third of a year's annual rainfall. However, because it is cold most of the year, there is lots of
plant life and 37% of the land is covered with lakes and rivers. Much of the rest is covered with Lichen, a soft and beautiful carpet.

Since we could not paddle the first day, Alex took us on a hike to a wolf den. When we got there, several wolves ran from us. One wolf
stood at a distance and howled at us.
The rain brought us the prettiest sunsets we have ever enjoyed.
The "Barren Lands" did not seem that barren.
One reason for going at this time of the year was to enjoy the fall colors. This was also our first trip to the Arctic and we were not
sure about mosquitoes. Since this trip came at the end of the season, mosquitoes were not a problem.