The Amazon Basin and Jesuit Missions
More than half of the land in Bolivia resides in the Amazon basin. This area has been sparsely populated until the last few
decades. However, rich mineral resources as well as the lush land has recently induced an influx of people.

Our main objective was to visit the colonial Jesuit missions which have recently been restored by guilt ridden Spaniards.
Our drive to the missions took us past some patches of virgin forest  and across the Rio Grande (below). The bridge was
orinally built for the railroad, but it now also carries traffic one way at a time with waits of an hour or more not uncommon..
Iglesia San Javier (above) was completed in 1752. Mission Concepcion (below) was built in 1756.
We saw many interesting and strange things. Birds nest (left).
Amorpha butterfly (above). Star fruit (below left) and gorgeous
We met indigenous people and saw there homes. We also saw Mennonites who number approximately 20,000 people.