The following are pictures that were taken by the ship photographers and sent to us on a DVD by Quark. One of the
wonderful things about this trip was that there was no effort to sell extra stuff and services: we did not pay anything for
any of these extras.
One of the most interesting people on the ship was a 94 year old French woman (below). She was traveling alone and
made it to all the activities of the trip.
The next two pictures are of the yellow eyed penguins taken on Enderby island.
Talking with a staff member as the ship prepares to depart from Littleton.
Jackie having her shore clothes inspected and vacummed for possible contaminants which
might have a negative impact on the wildlife.
Two of the Adelie colonies we
visited held 500,000
penguins. When room ran out,
the late arrivals made their
nests up the mountains. Note
the trails and the penguins in
the right hand corner.
Jackie and Elston sipping champaign
on B-15K, a forty mile long iceberg.
Walking across ice to an Emperor Penguin colony. The helicopters usually dropped us off a mile from
our destination. Each person hiked at his or her own pace and was free to roam so long as they
obeyed the five meter rule (which did not apply to the wildlife).
Daily tea time.
Polar plunge participant.
Seal on ice.