Four Arctic Paddle Trips
in the Northwest Territories
with Elston and Jackie Hill
These are links to our four trips in Arctic Paddling trips.
Banks Island is in the Arctic Ocean. The
Thompsen River is the most northern river in the
world that can be paddled. We drove from Port
Angeles to Inuvik, 110 miles from the Arctic
Ocean where we flew to Banks Island. Our drive
up included the 450 mile gravel Dempster
Highway, the most northern road in Canada.
This was a three week paddling trip, 373
miles, down the most northern river on the
North American continent. The change in
scenery was dramatic over the course of
this paddle.
Unsure whether we had the right stuff, we booked
this trip with Alex Hall, his last trip of the season.
The idea was to avoid mosquitoes. The trip
followed lakes and rivers along the tree line. It was
a spectacular trip with great fall colors.
For this trip, we drove to Fort Smith, NT., for
another trip with Alex Hall down a proprietary
river and the Thelon River in the Thelon Wildlife
Reserve. At the end of the trip we drove to
Banff where we joined the Canadian Skyline
Hikers for a week in the Canadian Rockies.