Mount Assiniboine and Lake O'Hara
An Adventure with the Seattle Mountaineers and Linda Moore
by Elston and Jackline Hill
September 2010
Mount Assiniboine and Lake O'Hara are considered to be two of the most beautiful locations in the Canadian Rockies.
Both locations were developed as tourist destinations by the Canadian Pacific Railroad more than eighty years ago.
Neither location can be reached by automobile, so the number of people in each of these splendid locations is limited.
Also, the people coming to this area are much more respectful of the beauty of the area than the average tourist.

Our trip to Mount Assiniboine was led by Linda Moore of the Seattle Mountaineers Photography group where our group
of ten stayed in the huts. At Lake O'Hara we stayed at the lodge and hiked on our own, but still frequently met up with
our wonderful friends from the mountaineers.

Our total time in the Canadian Rockies was two weeks with just one sunny day and rain or snow most of the rest of the
time. It was the wettest summer in the Canadian Rockies in six years. Nevertheless, we had a terrific time and got some
very nice pictures.

We wish to thank Linda for all her hard efforts which made this fantastic trip possible.

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