Mount Assiniboine
September 2010
Mount Assiniboine is a mountain located on the Great Divide, on the British Columbia/Alberta border in Canada.

At 11,870 ft it is the highest peak in the Southern Continental Ranges of the Canadian Rockies. Due to Assiniboine's
pyramidal shape, it has been unofficially named the "Matterhorn" of North America. Mt. Assiniboine rises nearly 5,003 feet
above Lake Magog which is where the helicopter dropped us off to go to our hut.

Mt. Assiniboine lies on the border between Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park, in British Columbia, and Banff National Park,
in Alberta  The park does not have any roads and thus can only be reached by a 17 mile hike or by a helicopter ride on
Friday, Sunday, and Wednesday in the summer.

We took the easy route to the base of Mount Assiniboine (above 7,000 feet) arriving by helicopter. Note the staff of the
lodge holding down baggage as the helicopter lands at Assiniboine.
This was the rainiest summer in six years at Assiniboine. We had rain or snow just about every day, and Mount Assiniboine
only very occasionally revealed itself to us.
The facilities at Assiniboine were much nicer than we expected. There was a kitchen and eating area with propane heat,
stove, and light where we cooked and ate our breakfast and dinner. Linda is seated to the far left at the table.
On our first afternoon, after our helicopter flight, we hiked up to this waterfall. The larch trees were just beginning to turn
We were surprised at the amount of wildflowers
that were still blooming.

Below, Bear Grass.
This was one of our few sightings of Mount Assiniboine. Most of the time it was hidden in the clouds, and even when it was
visible, clouds remained attached to its left side.
Jackie took these two pictures of the sun hitting Mount Assiniboine, something that happened for five minutes on just one
The change in the color of the larch trees from one day to the next
was dramatic. Our full reward would come when we got to Lake
The climax to our trip was the snow
which started our last evening at
Assiniboine and left five inches of snow
by the next morning..

Below, one of the two huts where our
group stayed.
Sadly, all good things must come to a close.
Fortunately, we brought the right kind of clothes and
had no problems with cold or wet so despite the
weather we had a great and memorable time.

Lodging options at Assiniboine are the lodge (which
is hard to book), huts, and a camp ground. Any of
the options including the helicopter should be
booked well in advance. One should also be mindful
that there are grizzlies at Assiniboine.

Below, Jackie in helicopter and a picture Jackie took
of a grizzly mother with her yearling and cub in the
early hours of the morning.

And finally, a mountain goat we saw on our ride back
from the helipad to Canmore..