Beginning of 30 mile dog sled race in downtown Fairbanks.
Close to the finish of a dog sled race outside of Fairbanks.
Above, right, Jackie watches racers going by.

Below, dogs being led to the starting line. They are excited, barking loud, and must be restrained.

The mushers talk gently to the dogs. At this race, most of the mushers were young females.
At Coldfoot, Chad took
us for a ride with his
dogs. Above (left), the
dogs are looking back at
the man my wife
adoringly calls Handsome
Man With the Kind Face.

Above (right), we are

Left, Jackie with Chad.

Below, Handsome Man
With the Kind Face riding
with Chad.
Right, one of the lead sled

It was a very warm five
degrees to be pulling sleds
so the lead dog kept
sticking his head into the
snow to cool off.