This was no backpack
trip. We were spoiled
rotten. We spent one
week in the village of
Schruns and the
second week in Lech
(pictured on the left
and below) in four star
hotels. One of the
most picturesque
things in the towns
were the church
towers--many of them
shaped at the top like
The picture on the left was the view from the balcony
at our hotel in Lech. The picture below is the indoor
swimming pool at the same hotel. Dinners were four
courses and breakfasts were big buffets. What a way
to hike.
In Lech, some of the
towns folk went high
up on the side of a
very steep
mountain--at least
1000 feet almost
straight up--where
they constructed a
silhouette of the
Lech church tower
on an avalanche
barrier. That night
four of them went up
and lit the silhouette
with torches. You
can see them coming
down in the bottom
left corner of the
After our breakfast in the mountains on the farm, we were taken into a chapel built several hundred years ago
following a mine disaster at that location. There one of our hosts entertained us with flute music.
Our hotel in Schrum provided us an evening of Austrian entertainment (below). Another morning they took us up a ski lift
to have breakfast at a farm looking down into the valley.