The Mountaineers are a Seattle based
outdoors group. The leaders of our trip
were Shari (above and left) and Paul (the
guy with no shirt who has just plunged
into a glacial lake). They were awesome
leaders. We were guided from one event
to another and from transportation to
transportation with no glitches. We would
never have experienced such a wide
range of hikes on our own.
The group consisted of fourteen
people--a fit and hardy and fun loving
group who kept us challenged
scrambling from behind.
Above: Jackie crossing stream. Note the red mark on rock marking the trail.

Below: Jackie standing in Switzerland while I take her picture from Austria. To get to this spot, we hiked up a
substantial steep elevation gain. From here we hiked up and along a ridge with big drop offs to Switzerland on our left
and Austria on our right.
We spent 6 days hiking in Schruns, then had one day break before six more days of hiking in Lech. We were tired by
the time the venture in the Alps ended. We spent the next five days ambling like old folk through Munich.