The gray whale is a baleen whale that travels between feeding and breeding grounds yearly, in this case between Alaska and
San Ignacio. It reaches a length of about 52 ft and a weight of 36 tons and an age of 50–60 years. Gray whales were once
called devil fish because of their fighting behavior when hunted.

The Grays were called the devil fish until the spring of 1972 when a fisherman in  Laguna San Ignacio named Francisco
"Pachico" Mayoral (although terrified to death) reached out and placed his hand in the water as a Gray mother approached
his fishing boat and gently "rubbed up against him".. We were privileged to see Pachico on this trip leading some other people
in his panga!

Our objective was to see the Gray Whales up close, particularly mother's and babies

Below, baby and Jackie touching mama
A baby swims to Jackie. Note hairs on baby's head.
Mamas and Baby Gray Whales
Jackie and Baby touch.
Baby and Mama.
Splashing the water is a good way to arouse a baby's curiosity.
Babies love to climb on their mothers.
Another baby climbs on mom.
Picture above cropped below to just show baby.
Baby Grays are curious and come of their own accord to the panga.
Below, baby on the surface and mama just below the surface. The pictures on this page were all taken with a wide
angle lens.
Baby and mama come along side the panga. Note that even using a wide angle lens, I could only fit a part of them
into the picture.