Some Adult Gray Whales
There were lots of Gray Whales around our boat. At times we could see a dozen at a time. We had no control over their
behaviour, and the fishermen at Laguna San Ignacio were very respectful of the whales and were not aggressive in pursuing
them. The whales are often curious. Curiously, turning off the motor on the panga is the quickest way to lose their interest.

On this page, a few pictures of adult Gray Whales.
This Gray Whale got my lens wet. (I was cleaning my lens all the time from their spray.) Note the side of the panga in the right
hand bottom corner.
Whale on its side and Jackie.
Harpoon hole in this whale.
Whale on its side. Eye above the rear of the mouth is visible.
Jackie touching whale. It is not at all slimy. The whale feels sort of rubbery.
Whale coming towards us.
See the eye?