Gray Whale Sex
Frequently, we could see thrashing in the water among a group of Gray Whales. This was mating season! And finally we got a
very up close mating spectacle.
A lot of rubbing occurs during this activity.
On the left is a small cruise ship from San Diego which comes down and anchors in the Laguna. The boat is not permitted to
cruise the Laguna, but uses pangas and local firshermen. Those passengers who had not yet been loaded into the panga got
an eyeful from the ship.
There were four males and one female involved in this activity. Another benefit of watching this orgy was that the whales
surfaced a lot.
We were close, but avoided being too close. In their frenzy, the whales paid us no notice, but if we were to get too close, we
would have become part of the mating ritual.
Below, a few other Gray Whale pictures I took.
We saw many rainbows created by Gray Whales.
There were quite a few dophins in the Laguna and they frequently swam around the whales.