Cliff Paintings and Missions
It was not something we planned on doing, but when it was suggested to us, we took up the offer to go by horseback to see
some cliff paintings that have never been seen by gringos.

Even most of the people in the area have never seen these paintings. To get to them, it was a three hour drive on very rugged
dirt roads and then a two hour horseback ride
Jose and Antonio were scouting this as a potential activity to market to tourists. They drove us to a ranchero where three
cowboys had horses waiting for us for the prickly two hour horseback ride through the desert.
Below, yours truly riding through the Baja desert.
We flew Alaska Airlines to Loreto to begin our trip to Laguna San Ignacio. Loreto was the original capital city of California and
has the oldest mission in California.
26 miles from Loreto (on a challenging dirt road) is La Mision de San Javier. This 250 year old mission is the best preserved of
the California missions.
At a little farm behind the mission, a farmer was raising roosters for cock fighting.
A native fig tree growing out of the side of a rock in an arroyo on the way to the mission.
An stream on the way to the mission.