Jackie and I were privileged to spend 12 days in Baja, mostly at Laguna San Ignacio. To get there, we flew from Seattle to
Loreto where we took the local bus on a five hour trip to San Iganacio where we were picked up for another two hour ride to
the Laguna. We had eleven panga trips to see the Gray Whales. Every trip was different and each trip provided a totally
different experience. Curiously, the Gray Whale tourist season does not start until mid-February, but the whales come in
December and January, so we got to see the Gray Whales at a slower tourist time which significantly enhanced our
experience. In Loreto, we saw a Blue Whale up close.  We also made a couple fascinating trips to interior Baja.

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The Gray Whales of Laguna San Ignacio
with Elston and Jackline Hill
who were well cared for by Emily, Jose, Antonio and Baja Expeditions
Early February 2010
Yours truly standing in front of the dining room and kitchen at our camp in Laguna San Ignacio. This camp was quite an
upgrade from last year at Magdalena Bay as we had real floors and stayed in a 20 by 20 foot cabana. Toilets are in the very
clean outhouse (visible on the right side of the picture). The camped is owned by Antonio who also provides the Panga service
and has decades of experience taking people to see the whales. This year Baja Expeditions contracted to use and direct the
camp, but Antonio and his crew provide the facility, meals, and whale watch outings. We were blessed to have Jose
accompany us on all our whale tours and the cliff paintings tour. His knowledge of everything Baja is incredible. Finally, we
wish to than Emily who arranged this trip for Jackie and me.