Whale Watching in Baja with Baja Expeditions

February 2009
Magdalena Bay
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The Sea of Cortez
Our trip was made possible by Baja Expeditions. We highly recommend them as a way to see the whales of Baja.

We booked two trips. The second trip was to Magdalena Bay and is the one I would most recommend. The first trip was
a round trip boat trip from La Paz to the Sea of Cortez to see whales. The group size was fairly reasonable, 14 for the
boat and sixteen for the camp at Magdalena Bay. The other guests were much younger than trips lead by many other
companies. Most of the guests were not retired.

The guides were very knowledgeable and very friendly. The crew was very attentive. The food was spectacular. The
prices were reasonable. For more information on Baja Expeditions, go to their web site.
Baja Expeditions