Our last full day the plan was to hike and then go searching for orcas and blue whales. Both had been seen by the
group the week before. As we were preparing to land for the hike, the captain sighted a dead orca. It was an unusual
event. Our guide said that this was only the third time he had ever seen the captain go ashore during a trip.
The crew excitedly climbed on
top of the orca.

The rest of the group walked
over for a better view.
For all its reputation, an orca is rather
small. However, orcas have really  teeth
which we observed. As a group, orcas
surround, attack, and kill much bigger
whales such as the humpback and blue
whale! However, there is never a known
attack of humans by orca whales.
Numerous turkey vultures
were gathered prepared to
feast on the orca.
After observing the orca, we went for
one of several hikes in the Baja desert.
Our guide Jose (below) was very
knowledgeable about the plant and
animal life.
Our efforts to find blue whales was a failure. It appears that the arrival of the orcas the prior week had driven the blue
whales away. That evening we went ashore where we enjoyed another great sunset.
A Strange Orca Encounter