More Canadian Rockies
September 2010
These are pictures from some of the things we did and saw in the
Canadian Rockies when we were not at Mount Assiniboine or Lake

Below, Castle Rock in the Bow Valley, Banff National Park.
Some waterfalls in Johnston Canyon,
Banff National Park.
Vegetation along the trails.
A highly sexed male Spruce Grouse showing off for the females in the forest.
Looking out at the Bow Valley from an abandoned fire lookout.
Rose Hip plant picture
taken by Jackie.
Elk coming down to the water.
Elk taking bath.
Water fall on the Ice Field Parkway.
On our return to Port Angeles, we stopped by the Adams River in British Columbia. The Sockeye Salmon were already
running. The peak will be in the first three weeks of October. This is the dominant year, and there should be several million
Sockeye spawning in an eleven kilometer river.
It was a great trip. We are exhausted having hiked 12 out of the 14 days we were in the Canadian Rockies.