Banks Island Trip
with Elston and Jackie Hill
June 7 to July 15, 2008
This trip began with my obsession to paddle the Thomsen River on Banks Island in the Arctic Ocean. This river is
supposed to be the most northern river in the world that can be paddled. The Thomsen River flows through Canada's
second largest national park on the north side of the island. This is one of the least visited places in the world but is
spectacular in many ways. The island is the home of half the world's muskoxen. Eventually the trip evolved into a drive
up to Inuvik on Canada's most northern highway with many interesting stops along the way.
The Main Event - Banks Island
The Trip Home to Port Angeles
A Dream Come True, a Bonus for Us
The following is a link to our itinerary including lodging and phone numbers and comments on some of the
accomodations. We were fortunate in keeping the schedule the full six weeks.
Below, this picture appeared on the CBC web page. A picture of Jackie and me going through the food line at the Feast
on Aboriginal Days, June 21, 2008.