Camping on the Thomsen River
Banks Island
We spent 13 nights and
fourteen days on the
Thomsen River, camping by
the river each night. Some
days we stayed two nights at
a location so as to have more
time to hike back from the

The picture at the left was
taken from the airplane on our
return flight.
Privacy in the outdoors is
hard to find on Banks
Island. Right, Jackie holds
some t.p. before retreating
to the most private spot
Above, Jackie,
Bud, and
Patrick taking

Left, the cloud
formations were
awesome due to
the strong Arctic
The mosquitoes were more numerous than usual for Banks as a
result of the lower than usual winds and higher temperatures.
However, it was still much better than our prior two Arctic trips.
Nevertheless, Jackie considers herself an attractive dinner for
mosquitoes and took precautions a few times.

Our guides, David Quinn and Charlie, caught Arctic Char on three
occasions and cooked some marvelous fish dinners.
Left, a Sand Hill
Crane sneaks
by the campsite.