Flowers of Aulavik    
The most common plant on Banks Island is the willow which mostly grows about two inches tall. These trees can
be hundreds of years old and their branches spread out over a wide area.
Left, the roots and branches of the

Our guide David Quinn was very
impressive with his knowledge of the
flowers and wildlife. He has led thirteen
trips on the Thomsen River. He said
that he had never seen flowers so
plentiful as when we visited the island.

We were very fortunate. The flowers
started to bloom as we arrived and
they were dying the day we left. What
great timing!
The brown caterpillar (above) takes twelve years to mature. It
spins a cocoon at the end of each summer. During the winter its
body survives temperatures well below freezing. After eight years
it becomes a moth and has five days to fulfill its sexual fantasies
before dying (below).
Purple Saxifrage and Arctic Rose.
Arctic Rose
Mating butterflies