Returning from Banks Island to Inuvik
Thomsen River Paddle Trip
David decided that the
Twin Otter could land
on a gravel bar at our
last camp site. The last
day we packed
everything and took the
Kleppers apart. We
gathered everything at
the gravel bar for the
plane to land.

The plane arrived at 9
p.m.and David held out
his jacket for the pilots
to see the wind
The plane flew over us about ten times before  finally
landing three quarters of a mile away. The pilots could see
our foot prints in the gravel and decided another location
was better so now we carried all our belongings to the
waiting plane.
The patterns in the
land were fascinating
to see from the plane.
The plane dropped off the
second paddle group on their
way out. On the way back our
plane stopped there so we could
drop off the Kleppers, tents, and
stoves for them to use. They
landed further down the river as
the river had dropped
substantially from when we
started our trip three weeks
earlier. Their stop was at the
Green Cabin, the only building in
Aulavik National Park.
When we started our paddle down the river, there
was no one from Parks Canada in the park.
However, when we stopped at the Green Cabin,
there were four people from Parks Canada at the
Green Cabin.

Left, their central tent.

Below, the sleeping tents for each of the park
Airborne, we looked
down at herds of
As we got to the southern portion of
the island, we saw many flocks of snow
Once again we stopped in Sachs
Harbour to refuel the plane.
It was 11:30 p.m. when I took this
picture at the Sachs Harbour
airport, an airport with no

We arrived in Inuvik at 1:30 a.m.
We put our stuff in the car and
drove to the B&B where we had
our first shower in two weeks. It
felt great!

We thank Whitney and Smith,
Jane, David, and Charlie for a
terrific trip.