The City of Barrow
Because of the perma frost, Barrow has no paved streets. In summer the roads are either muddy or dusty. Spray trucks
constantly spray the streets with water to minimize the dust. Arctic towns and cities are not attractive in the summer when the
snow melts.

There was ice along the coast. but as you can see from this picture taken on May 31, the ice had mostly melted. It may be only a
few years before the ice completely melts on the whole Arctic Ocean in the summer and polar bears become extinct.
We saw no snowy owls, but one was sighted in town while we were there.
Barrow Cemetery
The most northern totem pole in the world is at the Air Force long range radar station. We visited this location several times
looking for birds and saw only one human for a few brief seconds. Desolate.
The local theatre.
A couple fairly new duplexes. Everything is built on stilts because of the perma frost.
The Hospital
Sam and Lee's restaurant, one of five restaurants in
Barrow. We ate breakfast there six out of seven
mornings. Owners are friendly and food quite good.

Note the cases of soda piled up. Space is at a
premium. Everything has to come in by airplane.
Children decorate the dumpsters.
The airplane terminal. Alaska has three flights a day. It is a triangle route from Anchorage or Fairbanks to Barrow and Prudhoe
Bay (Deadhorse airport).
There is a memorial to Will Rodgers across from the
terminal. Will Rogers died a few miles south of Barrow.
Wiley Post and he landed in the tundra a few miles south
of Barrow to ask directions to Barrow. When they took off
for Barrow the plane crashed.
Typical street and houses.
Gas was $6.50 a gallon. One station. Even though there are not that many miles of road, our gas cost us $50 a day as our four
wheel Ford Pickup was a real gas guzzler.