Best of the Pacific Northwest

with Elston and Jackline Hill

2010 to 2012
These are some of our best pictures from 2010 to 201e In the Pacific Northwest in chronological order

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Jackie in tulip field, Skagit Valley, April 2010.
Olympic Marmot, Hurricane Hill, Olympic National Park, August 2010
Fog covered Strait of Juan de Fuca from our house, August 2010
Goat, Olympic National Park, August 2010
Full Moon, Hurricane Ridge, August 2010
Fall, British Columbia, September 2010
Mount Assiniboine, British Columbia, September 2010
Rose Hip, British Columbia, September 2012
Elston walking among Larch Trees at Lake O'Hara, British Columbia, September 2010
Sunrise, October 17, 2010, Port Angeles, at the exact moment when our friend Anthony went to meet his maker.
Storm tossing big logs like toothpicks, Klaloch, Olympic National Park, March 2, 2011
Elston, Hurricane Ridge, Olympic National Park, March 22, 2011
Northern Flicker at our bird feeder, March 28, 2011
A very horny grouse on a foggy road to Hurricane Ridge, May 2011
Sunrise from our bedroom with the strait and Mount Banker, June 4, 2011
Jackie, the day after jaw surgery, June 7, 2011
Flower, Hurricane Ridge, July 9, 2011
Bruce, Port Angeles harbor, September 9, 2011
Merganzers, Strait of Juan de Fuca, September 2011
Mushrooms and stream, Barnes
Creek, Olympic National Park, late
October and early November 2011.