Best Northwest 2013 Continued

with Jackie and Elston
Mushroom, Feb 25, 2013, Lake Angeles Trail, Olympic National Park
Falcon, Skagit Valley, Feb 27, 2013
Snow Geese, Skagit Valley, February 28, 2013
A Rainy Day in the Rain Forest, March 6, 2013, Camp Lillian Trail, Olympic National Park
Skunk Cabbage, March 6, Elwha River Road, Olympic National Park
Snow Drop, Elwha River Road, March 6, 2013
The next four pictures were taken April
27 on the Lake Angeles trail.

Last picture is a Banana Slug which is
native to the northwest. It does not eat
garden flowers and is not a pest in any
Humming Bird in our yard.
Columbine on Lower Gray Wolf Trail - April 30, 2013 - followed by other flowers we saw that day.
May 15, Gold Creek Trail