Bhutan Festivals, Temples, and Archery
Bhutan is a rather religious country, dominated by the Buddhist faith. Religious festivals are frequent and make for a very
colorful setting.

This is the Tiger's Nest on a hill near Paro. We were supposed to hike to this temple, but a cyclone from Indianbrought
substantial rain so we would only see it at a distance.
In Bumthang we visited a festival. The first night there was a big bonfire where people ran through the fire to burn away the
bad things.
The next few days there were numerous dances and singing.
The Festival was part carnival with shopping booths, game booths, and food booths.
Around the temples, I could not help but have qualms as I saw all the young boys who had committed to live their lives as
Below, a nunnery.
The lead monk in Bhutan blessing the faithful who lined the streets waiting for his blessing. Since they drive on the left in
Bhutan, he is on the passenger and curb side.
Buddha Dordenma is a gigantic Buddha statue under construction in the mountains of Bhutan just outside the capital of
Thimphu. The statue will house over one hundred thousand smaller Buddha statues, each of which, like the Buddha
Dordenma itself, will be made of bronze and gilded in gold. At a height of 169 feet it will be one of the largest buddhas in
the world. The statue alone is being built at a cost of US $47 million, by Aerosun Corporation of Nanjing, China, while the
total cost of the Buddha Dordenma Project is well over US$100 million. The interior will accommodate 100,000 8-inch-tall
and 25,000 12-inch-tall gilded Buddhas respectively. Names of sponsors will be displayed in the meditation hall which forms
the throne of the Buddha Dordenma.
The National Archery finals in the capital. These cheerleaders harass the opponents by making comments such as, I wonder
who you wife is fooling around with while you are here.
Each time an archer scores, he gets a colorful scarf.

Right, the Prince. His team won.