Two years ago in Patagonia we kept meeting a delightful young British couple. They had spent a year touring central
and south America. I asked them what was their favorite country. They responded that Bolivia, the poorist of the south
American countries, was also the most interesting and least spoiled. (They also recommended Columbia as well for the
absence of tourists). We were delighted to find that Bolivia was everything they recommended and more. There is only
one airplane a day from North America to Bolivia and it included people from Japan, Britain, Mexico, and Canada. The
American flights does a triangular flight from Miami to La Paz and Santa Cruz.  

Bolivia has a wonderful people and great geography and its streets appeared safter than walking the streets of the US.

Another reason to go to Bolivia is that it is very cheap. On our last day we went out for a big lunch. We had corn soup,
Jackie had a T-bone steak and I had a traditional Bolivian dish of steak, cheese, and friend egg. We both had rice and
potatoes as well as a nice apple dessert. The price was $2.50 US for each of us with no tax!

Please click the links below to enjoy some of our wonderful experiences in Bolivia.
Videos from the trip:
To the left was one of our guides in
Bolivia, Rafael (posing at sunset on the
Salar). Rafael is a terrific guide with a
wonderful sense of humor and a passion
to make people have a great experience.

The trip was conducted by Ric Finch who
has done a great job of including a
diverse combination of sights and
activities and he kept us very busy the
whole three weeks.