Bonneville Dam
2008 Port Ludlow Getaway
September 8, 2008
On our way to the Port Ludlow Getaway we stopped by the Bonneville Dam.

The fish must climb 60 vertical feet up the fish ladder. Most of the fish choose to go the
easier route through holes in the structure of the ladder rather than jumping each of the
steps (left). We were fortunate to visit at the peak period of fish activity.

There is a visitor center where one can watch the fish making their way up the ladder.
Below, Jackie observes the fish making their way up the fish ladder. The specks in the
pictures are water bubbles from the cascading water which streak in the pictures.  Most of
the fish we saw were Coho, Steelhead, and Chinook (King) salmon.
Right, some of the turbines in the Bonneville dam.

Below, paddle wheel going through the locks at
Below, Bonneville dam.