Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge

with Jackie and Elston

December 2014
Bosque del Apache is located approximately an hour and a half south of Albuquerque along the Rio Grande. The refuge is the
winter home for approximately 14,000 Sandhill Cranes as well as 32,000 Snow Geese and Ross Geese as well as other
species of birds.

The wildlife at the reserve is absolutely stunning, particularly at sunrise and sunset.

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We spent a week in Bosque. It was an easy three hour flight from Seattle to Albuquerque. Then a one hour drive to Socorro
where we stayed at the Holiday Inn Express (highly recommended). Bosque was another 20 minute drive from Socorro.

For three days in Bosque, we participated in a workshop led by photographers Doug Brown, Keith Bauer, and Greg Basco. All
three were terrific photographers, teachers, and people.

Bosque was amazing. Just amazing. Greg Basco is from Costa Rica. As he noted, in Costa Rica, there are a lot more specieis
of birds. But finding and seeing them is a challenge. Not true in Bosque! Unfortunately, because of its popularity, it is a busy
Jackie at sunrise  -- note sunrise in her glasses.
A picture of me taken by Greg Bulbransen.