Lesser (Northern) Sandhill Cranes of Bosque
Bosque del Apache is a great place  to see Sandhill Cranes in the winter. Large numbers of cranes travel the western portion of
the Central Flyway near the Rocky Mountains and stop at the Bosque wetlands As many as 14,000 cranes winter at Bosque.

In the evening, the cranes gather at the ponds for the night for protection from predators. In the morning, the cranes fly  to the
corn fields which are planted for them on the reserve.
Early in the morning, it was mostly the
sandhill cranes in the pond at the
highway.  Then the geese would arrive
for awhile. Soon the geese and the
cranes would take off for the corn
When the cranes leaned forward, they were signalling their intent to take off. Most launched in the same direction against the