The Brothers Four Concert

Bothell, Washington -- April 8, 2017
There is nothing like a Brothers Four concert. Their voices are so rich and the harmony is beyond belief and they are all talented musicians.
Founded in 1957 in Seattle, Washington, they are best known for their 1960 hit song "Greenfields".

Several years ago, we had the privilege of meeting Mark Pearson, a member of the group since the 1960's at the Port Ludlow annual hiking
retreat. Since then, we have had the privilege of knowing Mark and his wife Pat. It was Mark who asked us to photograph The Brothers Four
concert in Bothell. What an honor for us.

Despite changes and having spent 59 years in the business, the group is still active. In addition to Mark, the group includes Bob Flick (one of
the founding members), and Mike McCoy and Karl Olsen.

Below are my photos of a very eventful evening with the Brothers Four.
It was so cool, getting to go into the Green Room.
Below, Ken Olsen, Mike McCoy, Bob Flick, and Mark Pearson  have a bite to eat before going out for the sound check.
Pat Pearson looks on as the Brothers do the sound check.
Just minutes before the concert begins, the Brothers change into their performance clothes and do a little more practice performance.
Entering on stage.
Returning after the break.
Signing autographs afterwards.
What a fun evening. What a fun way to enjoy the performance. An amazing group of performers. A sold out performance.
From left to right, Mark Pearson, Mike
McCoy, Bob Flick, and Karl Olsen.