We visit

C A Tatum Jr Elementary School

November 11 and 14, 2011
This is an account of our trip to Dallas where we visited our daughter Ms. Elena Hill who is the Principal at C A Tatum Jr.
Elementary School in the Dallas Independent School District.

The school has 625 elementary students from Kindergarten through grade 5 and 41 teachers. The school is classified as a
"Recognized" school because of student achievement.
The school facility is quite impressive. It was
built five years ago and includes a large
auditorium, a very impressive library, computer
lab, and much more.
It was casual day when we arrived.
Left, Ms. Hill and vice principal, Mr.

With two floors and three wings, we
quickly got lost walking around the
school with our daughter.
Most students start the day in the cafeteria where they eat a healthy free breakfast. 89% of the students qualify for free lunch,
and 96% qualify for either free or subsidized lunch.
Left is the cafeteria manager, Mr. Taylor. He is committed to teaching
the students how to eat healthy. The breakfast included apples, juice,
and milk. Vegetables are an important part of the lunch program. The
kitchen was spotless!

Below, Jackie and our daughter checking out the kitchen..
Many students seemed to wear backpacks that were disproportionately large to their size.
It was amazing walking the halls. They were so quiet and students were so orderly. There was a good explanation for the
orderliness. The moment any student stepped out of line, a teacher or administrator gently but firmly insisted on orderly and
courteous behaviour.
In the morning, after breakfast, the students sit in assigned seats in
the auditorium and the gym to wait for their teachers to come and
take them to class.  This all happens in a most orderly fashion.
All of the classes were a model of orderly learning. Below, Ms. Cuva with her kindergarten class.
This is the entrance to the school, the only unlocked door to the school during the day. Left to right are Ms.Colins, school
nurse, Ms. Rodriguez, Office Manager, and Ms. Flores, teacher assistant.
We could not help but fall in love with these students.
We were very impressed with the dedicated teachers. Below, with our daughter with Mr. Cupido, the 5th grade math/science  
We arrived on Friday, 45 minutes before school was dismissed. After the students left, Mr.Turner, Ms.Givens (counseler), and
Ms. Rodriguez came into our daughter's office to discuss plans for the anti-bullying programs for the next week.
Below, I stand next to my daughter in the hall.
Between school on Friday and Monday, we had a wonderful time visiting our daughter and her special friend Chico.
We hope you enjoyed our visit with our daughter.

Elston and Jackie Hill