Camp Lillian
with Elston and Jackline Hill
December 19, 2009
Today Jackie and I drove out to Whiskey Bend to hike to Camp Lillian.

There is a lot of moss on the trees on the road to Whiskey Bend. This is the original road to Hurricane Ridge, a small dirt road.
Today the road dead ends at Whiskey Bend. The name originated when the road was built. The Foreman promised the
workers there would be whiskey when they arrived at this bend.
The trail to Whiskey Bend is 4.6 miles one way.
The trail crosses several creeks.
Eventually we arrived at our destination, Camp Lillian and the Lillian River. This is one of the most beautiful locations in
Olympic National Park.
We  ate lunch at Camp Lillian. We did not dare stay too long. Days are short, and it would be completely dark by 5 p.m.

Below, Jackie hiking across the "bridge" at one of the creeks on the way back.