Cape Town
Cape Town is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It sits famously under Table Mountain and the Lions Head and Lions
Rump. Table Mountain can be seen in the first two pictures below, and the Lions Rump can be seen in the first and third
picture. The third picture was taken from the top of Table Mountain.
In the picture above, one can see one of the most famous islands in the world, Robben Island, where Nelson Mandela and
many others were held political prisoners for opposing apartheid.
In the picture at the left is our guide, one of the political
prisoners held on Robben Island, standing in front of
Nelson Mandala's cell. The cell measured 2 by 3 meters.
One of the attractions of Cape Town is
the many old buildings that have
survived in the city. These buildings
survive comfortably among modern
There is a strong Muslim tradition in Cape Town as Muslims were brought to Cape Town as slaves from northern Africa and
India. Today Muslims and Christians live side by side with no animosity as they do in other African nations.  
Under apartheid, persons of color were not permitted to live in white areas and had to carry papers for access to work in the
white communities. Blacks were segregated to Townships. In the 1960s, whites coveted a desirable area of Cape Town called
District Six and blacks were forcefully removed and their homes bull dozed. I highly recommend that anyone visiting Cape
Town visit the District Six museum.

While apartheid has been abolished, the Townships remain, and we visited one of these townships.
Despite the modest dwellings, people are clean and neatly dressed. Many residents contain no water or toilet facilities. Rather,
there are communal water and toilet facilities. The contrast is amazing. The coast of Cape Town and the rest of South Africa is
lined with elegant homes almost exclusively white, and BMW's and Mercedes are a common sight. Roads in South Africa are
quite good,  and Cape Town is very clean.
Not all homes in the
Townships are shabby as
evidenced by the picture on
the  left, but this house is not
the norm.

Below, a school in the