Charleston and nieces.
The Arthur Ravenel Bridge between Charleston
and Mount Pleasant as seen from Mount

Note the container ship passing under the bridge
in the photo below.
Morris Island Lighthouse
Fort Moultrine on Sullivan Island is the only area of the National Park System where the entire 171-year history of American seacoast
defense (1776–1947) can be traced. We arrived here at sunrise and had the fort all to ourselves.
Construction on the US Customs House began in 1853 but was disrupted by the Civil War and was not completed until 1879.
Fountain at the waterfront.
Many of the streets in Charleston are still made of Cobblestone used as ballast during colonial times.
Fort Sumpter
And now the grand nieces.
Gracie  -- the middle one
Angie--Jackie's niece--who keeps busy maintaining this high energy brood.