Our Chile Trip
In January 2005, Jackie and I went to Chile to paddle the Palena River. We flew into Puerto Montt
which is close to the southern end of the Pan American highway. At the Puerto Montt airport we
rented a car and drove to Puerto Varas, a classy little resort in the Lake District of Chile. Puerto
Varas was our home base from which we made three major excursions: a four day car trip to
Chiloe--the second largest island in South America, a trip down the Palena River, and a horseback
trip in the Andes.

Puerto Varas is located on Lake Llanquihue. On the other side there is the volcano Osomo which
has been compared to Mount Fuji.
This area of Chile is noted for its wood churches. The next picture is a picture of the church in Puerto
Links to other pictures from our Chile trip.