Chin Strap Peguins
One of my favorite penguins was the Chin Strap. Like the Adele and Gentoo, they build their nests with small rocks in a
snow free area and tuck the eggs in their pouch.
Bringing rock
for the nest.
Above, Chin Strap Penguins swimming
at sea. Right, singing a joyful song.
We were fortunate to visit the largest
Chin Strap colony at Deception
Island--a colony of 250,000 penguins.
The beach is not protected so
landings are very tricky and more
often than not are impossible. The
penguins lined four miles of beach,
and we stood in awe watching them
come and go in the surf that we had
just come through to pay them a visit.
The nimble Chin Strap penguins must certainly have been amused watching the yellow penguins try to land in their zodiacs!