The White-crowned Sparrow is one of the best-studied songbirds in North America and is widespread.
Songbirds, Belugas and Churchill
American Pipit
The Common Redpoll is an abundant breeding bird of the boreal regions.
Playing bird calls was very effective with the Common Redpoll bringing it right to the speaker.
American Tree Sparrow
Yellow Warbler. Note all the mosquitoes.
When we went to Cape Merry on the morning of June 14, the Belugas whales had started arriving. Our last morning, June 25,
their numbers were staggering. On our last morning we stood at Cape Merry for three hours and watched thousands of these
whales swim by, many in rock throwing distance.
The Ithaca was a small freighter than ran aground in Bird Cove a few miles from Churchill. It was built in 1922 and ran aground
during a storm on September 14, 1960. All 37 crew members survived and her cargo of ore was salvaged as well.
The Prince of Whales Fort across the Hudson River from Churchill was started in 1731.
Driving up a gravel road one day, we encountered more than a hundred sled dogs each chained so it could not make
contact with another dog. We later found out these are an almost extinct breed of dog that one of the men in Churchill is
trying to revive. We were also told that these are the dogs featured in National Geographic and on You Tube which play with
Polar Bears.
There are an incredible number of Tundra Buggies in Churchill. Churchill was very slow when we were there which we found
enjoyable. It appeared to me that it must be crazy during October and November. And I can not imagine riding in one of these
things with thirty other people.
The Canadian Shield covers a huge area of northeastern Canada including the Churchill area.
"Miss Piggy" is a crashed C-46 that crashed just short of the airport in 1979. All three crew members survived although two
were seriously injured.
The Port of Churchill is iced in for much of the year and is accessible only from late July to early November. In 2010 it was open
from July 28 to November 2. The port is used for outgoing shipments of grain brought in by rail. The railroad's future is uncertain
as there have been a number of incidents resulting from the melting of the permafrost. Ironically, the privately owned railroad is
proposing to bring oil into this fragile area via railroad--a very bad idea.
Male House Sparrow