Port Angeles Coast Guard Station
Olympic Peninsula Paddlers
July 19, 2008
Thanks to Cynthia, the Port Angeles Paddle group visited the Coast Guard station today. Being the paddle group, the trip met
at a toilet before going into the Coast Guard station.
The group learned a lot about safety. Bright colors and
reflective tape will make you more visible to the
helicopter. Don't wait until dusk to call for help--its hard to
see you in the dark. If you are in trouble, don't hesitate to
call. Earlier is better.
The guys in the Coast Guard had lots of cool gear and a neat basket you get to ride in when you are rescued.
"How much does it cost to get
rescued," Stan inquired.
"Nothing!" he exclaimed
incredulously. "Tomorrow I
will have to paddle my grand
kids to Victoria. We can get
rescued if I don't make it, and
they will get a cool helicopter
Left, some of the cool gear used by
the rescue swimmer.

Swooned Cynthia, "I would love to be
rescued by you but I am afraid of
heights and going up in the basket."
Cleanliness comes before Godliness at
the Coast Guard station.