The Drive Back from Inuvik
As of today, our next to last day, the trip has gone very well. We have been gone 5 1/2 weeks and have kept our
schedule with no flat tires on the Dempster. Those two extra real spare tires go out of the car when we get home.

On the Dempster, we saw several bicyclists. Amazing. Not only were they riding their bicycles up the 450 mile gravel
Dempster, some probably started their journey much further down.
While we were on Banks Island, the Dempster washed out twice. On the second occasion at a separate location, the
road was closed three days for repair. Beginning a couple hours out of Inuvik, we had rain and the rain followed us for
the next 2000 miles, raining on our drive all but the last two days. Fortunately, the rain did not hamper our driving except
on the Dempster where it slowed us down and the car was bathed in mud once again. We washed the car in Dawson

Wildlife on the Dempster was sparse, although I assume much of it was probably in close distance behind a bush. We
did see a grizzly and a few moose, but not close enough to warrant posing a picture. Coming down the road, we did
separate a small grouse from its mother. The mother stood on the other side of the road waiting for her chick to cross
(below, right).
On our way to Muncho Lake, we
saw a spate of wildlife in a couple
hours. A Lynx darted across the
road and walked into the trees
We encountered quite a
number of black bears that day.
The biggest treat that day was seeing
several herds of buffalo.
We saw several Caribou on the
Alaska Highway.
One evening we drove up
from Muncho Lake and
found some Stone Sheep
eating salt from the road.
A couple days later we walked up the canyon and had some encounters with the sheep in the wild.
After Muncho Lake, we had several
Moose encounters as well as fox
This has been the
most complicated trip
we have done as far as
scheduling a trip where
we relied on the car to
get us to numerous
destinations in a timely

Today is the next to
last day of the trip.
Everything has gone
surprisingly well.
Hopefully we will arrive
home safely tomorrow,
July 15, 2008.
We would like to think that the sheep
below are Dall Sheep. Comments?